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Big Hill Properties

83 Geneva Drive Box 622263

Oviedo, FL  32762-2263

Phone:  828-367-7420


Email:  home@bighillproperties.com


About Craig and Joy Devor

In 2018, Big Hill Properties co-founders Craig and Joy Devor were looking for the perfect retirement property near the Blue Ridge Parkway. They had no idea where or how to begin the search, so they created a wish list and began contacting realtors in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia for guidance.  They quickly discovered most realtors are not interested in selling vacant land unless it had a high price tag, and they lacked knowledge on basic information needed to determine if a lot would meet their building requirements.

Due diligence became the name of the game as the Devor's researched counties near the Parkway, becoming extremely familiar with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) on county websites to determine if a property was on a cliff, in a valley collecting runoff, barely accessible, or completely inaccessible.  Multiple trips were scheduled to visit potential properties found on Zillow, and walking several wooded properties with hopes of checking off at least one box on their wish list.  While wandering through a subdivision looking for a property that came close enough, they stopped to talk to some neighbors who informed them a great lot was unofficially for sale. After eight months, they found the perfect property that checked all the boxes on their wish list, all because of a chance encounter.

Craig and Joy learned a lot from their buying experience and heard about an opportunity to invest in vacant land.  They liked the idea of investing in real estate and it was a business they could work on together.  They researched how to get started, used money from their emergency fund to purchase distressed property in Florida, their home state, and started selling acquired properties directly to their customers.